My history
This is the story of one of us, as a famous singer would say.
In 1970, when I was a young mechanic, I tried my first Autobianchi a112.
I became enthusiastic over its handiness and acceleration and I decided to buy it.
A year later it was rumoured that an Abarth model was about to be produced, so that in 1971 I already had the a112 58hp model.
In order to get it, I competed with a famous football player and I won it, just because the car distributor preferred rallies to football.
In the end of 1974 I decided to change that model, even if it was still perfect and with large wings, with the new 70hp model. In the end of 1985, after several races and models, I decided to sell my helmet, my driving suit and my legendary a112 Abarth, which gave me so many pleasures.
As I grew old and my hair turned from blond to grey, the passion for rallies was replaced by the passion for collecting cars. Working restlessly, I finally achieved my ambition, that is, the seven series of a112 Abarth.
Today, after so many years, I still feel pleased when a friend or a fan comes to see me and leaves a message on my visitors’ book. I quote this one: “They look like seven pupils with their teacher”.
Many young people ask me some advice on how to restore their a112, and I’m always happy to help them with my experience.
My deepest regret is, not having kept any of the fourteen a112 Abarth with which I ran.
And the story goes on…
Thank you, a112 Abarth.